Discover the Meanings of Psychic
Readings, Signs & Symbols

When we talk about meanings of psychic readings we are referring to the fact that a psychic reading can come forth in many ways, it could be something you receive as a sign, symbol, message or it could also be a reading given to you by another person.

My hope is to provide you with meanings you are looking for, so you will feel safe on this journey of development and that you will be able to shake off any misconceptions that may have previously gotten in your way.

You are psychic. We all are, and once you embrace this you can move forward to tap into your intuitive abilities. In doing so this is when the signs, symbols and messages will start to flow through in a greater capacity. Understanding these meanings will allow you to enjoy the experience rather than fear it.

Discovering the meanings of psychic readings, signs and symbols can turn your journey from daunting to desirable. Which it should be! Face it, our psychic abilities, our intuition, our gut instinct…call it what you want, has been with us forever!

The problem is, over the years dogmas got in the way of our utilizing these wonderful gifts. On top of this the world has become more and more commercialized, causing us to worry more about what we possess...activating more of our ego brain instead of tuning in to the psychic in all of us.

So let’s break down barriers.

Set the dogmas and judgments aside.

Material goods mean nothing here.

The information we share is just that, information. We are each on an individual journey. Some of the information will resonate with you and take that journey of yours in a new direction. Some won’t. And that's just fine because you are you and whatever direction you take is absolutely wonderful!

As we delve into meanings of psychic readings we are going to cover topics such as numerology, tarot, dreams, astrology and the zodiac, nature, stones, symbols, names and much more.

Why the diversity? Because you never know what will resonate with you. And it could be a variety of things. When I share the story about my journey (so far), you will see that there are many things that have resonated with me and triggered synchronicities in my life. And this has made the journey so much more exciting. I can’t wait to see what will come across my path next.

So let’s get started and see what direction the path will take for you. I’m wishing you the psychic journey of a lifetime.